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Immersive Crisis Simulations

We specialize in the design of crisis simulations. We engage in in-depth research to tailor a highly-immersive training exercise to your industry to enhance your team's emergency preparedness.

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Failure to prepare is preparation to fail. We will work with you individually, in-person or online, to get you in the best possible position for your upcoming negotiation or crisis leadership challenge.


NPA Workshop

Bring a workshop to your organization. Participants in our Negotiation Performance Assessment (NPA) Workshops will gain fundamental negotiation skills and put them into practice with an interactive exercise. Participants receive comprehensive, data-driven feedback on their performance.

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Virtual Training

Our expertise is available online. We deliver high-level interactive negotiation trainings and virtual crisis simulations to your organization through Zoom.

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Praise for "Frontline: Crisis in the Baltics" a realistic, immersive crisis scenario that explores the perils of cybersecurity in an unstable international environment.


"A strikingly real-world crisis scenario that develops negotiation techniques while demonstrating just how hard it is to get to all sides to even talk."

—  Exercise Participant, 2019

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