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Immersive Simulations

Our team specializes in the design of multi-stakeholder training simulations. We engage in-depth research to tailor a highly-immersive exercise to your industry to prepare your team to face the most pressing challenges.

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Negotiation X

Negotiation X is an Executive Training & Briefing of new trends in international negotiation, mediation, and decision-making delivered to you by our experts. Event details including guest speakers to be announced.  ​​

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Failure to prepare is preparation to fail. You can count on our experts to deliver one-on-one training to meet your specific needs and work to meet your goals. We will work with you in-person or online to get you in the best possible position for your upcoming negotiation.


NPA Workshop

Participants in the Negotiation Performance Assessment (NPA) Workshop will gain fundamental negotiation skills and put them into practice with an interactive exercise. All participants receive comprehensive feedback on their performance from their peers and have the option of receiving specialized instructor feedback.

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Virtual Training

Our expertise is now available online. We deliver high-level interactive negotiation and decision-making trainings and simulations to your organization through Zoom.



Praise for "Frontline: Crisis in the Baltics" a realistic, immersive crisis scenario that explores the perils of cybersecurity in an unstable international environment.


"A strikingly real-world crisis scenario that develops negotiation techniques while demonstrating just how hard it is to get to all sides to even talk."

—  Exercise Participant, 2019